Wedding Parties

Wedding preparation is boring, stressful, rage inducing work and in Wedding Parties you can add fierce to that list. Couples along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen must face off against other parties head on in vicious competition to attain the perfect nuptial ceremony during Wedding Season. In an environment where magic and swordplay are commonplace, is there room for questions about monetary restrictions and manipulative Wedding Party members?

Wedding Parties - Volume 01.5_059.png

Graham Wolcott has proposed to Olivia Streggheria and she’s over the moon. Now that the lucky duo are locked and loaded for holy matrimony she unveils to him her girlhood wedding binder of the ultimate, glamorous dream wedding. It’s uncompromising content details the where, the when, the how, the what (and even the why) to the tiniest detail. What’s not inside this meticulous binder is financial uncertainty, wedding party discourse, impatience, frustration, monetary deadlines, mages, swordsmen, violent punks and highly unrealistic expectations.

In the world of Wedding Parties the betrothed couples must FIGHT for every detail of their special day. From the florists to the venue itself, every wedding aspect must be fought tooth and nail during the tumultuous Wedding Season. Fortunately the Groom and Bride won’t be alone. They’ll have their extraordinary wedding parties by their side to take on other parties for wedding supremacy (just like the old-school RPGs on cartridges as big as this book.) With the combined might of an assassin, battle mage, item mage, knight, monk, and engineer, can they take their favourite couple to the altar?

It might also help that the Bride is a powerful, body morphing witch with several tricks up her sleeve.